AWS Quicksight connection

I want to connect Dremio as a source for AWS Quicksight. I realise there is no default option available for this, but given the existence of complianmt ODBC and JDBC drivers it seems like this should be possible.

I was considering whether to try and create a linked server connection in MSSQLServer and connect through that from Quicksight… has anyone attemptyed anything similar and had success?


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Same requirements here! :slight_smile: Anyone?

Any update on this thread ?

Its been a long time with no updates, but I can share that speaking with AWS they do have an ongoing working relationship with Dremio and this is a topic on the roadmap according to them. But no commitment beyond that. I don’t know if anyone from Dremio / AWS can comment any further

@goldss No ETA as of now on this

Hi there, @balaji.ramaswamy! Any update? Our company is also very interested in connecting Quicksight and Dremio.

@Jbrezovan The Dremio product team is also waiting to hear back from AWS and will update once we have something

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