Reflection Duplicate All Records on Standalone Cluster

I was testing the standalone cluster installation and I followed the guide but my nodes was docker containers as following:

  • The coordinator node with configured $path.dist as pdfs on my local storage
  • Two executors node with configured $path.dist pdfs on my local storage
  • All three nodes are docker containers on the same machine
  • The $path.dist in the dreio.conf file for all nodes(coordinator and executors) is the same mounted volume via docker

Everthing was perfect and when I checked the running nodes vi dremio UI, all the referred nodes were working properly. The issue happened when I tried to create raw reflection for one of my datasets. The issue was each row was created twice and when I added a new node by the same way, ech row was created thrice and so on


Are all 3 machines accessing the same mount files? So it seems like each executor is reading the full set once and hence duplicate records

Try configuring it like a NAS