Reflection is not accelerating query

Use case: Get faster query performance

Steps- I have almost 5million records in S3 bucket. I have created 2 source connection as I wanted 2 physical datasets on same data, one with reflection and one without. Now I’m running same query on the datasets. My expectations was to get to faster result on the dataset which had reflections, but surprisingly both of them took same amount of time. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Also, I am running docker image on EC2 instance to access dremio.

I suggest you look at the query profile.
Where the time is being spent planning or executing etc you would get these details from the profile screen.

I don’t work for Dremio, but these are the general steps that they will recommend and then you might have to share query profile here.

@ankitaKamat As @unni rightly pointed out, we need to see where the time was spent, there could be scenarios when the reflected queries are as performant as the non-reflected ones. If we look at the profile we can understand why