Reflection is not working in latest docker image

I am trying to use reflection in the latest docker image. It errors out with the following message:

UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'Unknown format (pdfs) conversion for path /opt/dremio/data/pdfs/accelerator/e320ed12-f2b7-492e-b979-98c9e16c790b/9792d640-66ae-4978-84cb-a52adae8f15d_0/metadata/b0101407-e25a-4395-8fe8-ac07dc6d948e.avro Error Message : No File System scheme matches'

pdfs:// has been deprecated in v21 onward. See: Release Notes

Please use any other distributed storage like S3, ADLS, HDFS etc… See: Distributed Store