Reflection not recognized

I built a reflection that successfully built after 12 minutes however the reflection will not be used in any queries and when I go into the advanced view for the reflection it tells me that it has 0 bytes and that the reflection failed. I went into s3 and verified that the parquet files were successfully located under the reflection id.

I have a profile for the reflection but I cannot attach it here due to company concerns.


Kindly send me the error stack from the profile

Dear kprifogle,

I suggest you take a look at this page:
Hope this could be helpful.


Having some more experience with this, I think this may happen sometimes when the cluster is having issues building the reflection. There is a period of time (some kind of finalization maybe) between the reflection job being succesful and the reflection being accessible by the rest of the system that in some cases can become extended (indefinietly) when the reflection is having trouble being built.