Regarding qualify_clause

Hi sir, will query works in dremio,
“select * from sdk.accts
QUALIFY rank(end_bal) = 2” ? if not what is the equivalent query in dremio db?

@Vijay1 Qualify clauses should work in v23.1.x onward.

See usage here: Dremio

hi sir, thanks for the reply

will this query work in new dremio instance?
select * from table_name where qualify rank(column_name) = 5;
while running the query its giving this error :-
(org.apache.calcite.sql.parser.SqlParseException) Encountered “where qualify” at line 1, column 52.

or any equivalent query for this in dremio

@Vijay1 Try this
select * from hive."tpch_parquet".customer qualify c_custkey = 5;