When will Dremio support Parameterized Queries?

We have an urgent need to implement parameterized queries in our prototype of the Dremio platform. We’re working on a POC using a variety of tools and were wondering if this functionality exists and if not is it on your roadmap?

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The feature currently doesn’t exist although on our radar. No ETA at that time.

This we be a use huge help for us as well. We are trying to build some micro services with Dremio as the backend. I cant get parameterized queries to work with the JDBC or ODBC drivers.

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I’ll forward to our product team for consideration!


It would be of great use for me as well, to be able to pass parameters to the underlying query doing something like:

select v.* from (select @month_year:=‘022019’) parm, database_name.view_name v

This really would make a difference, as my underlying database (MariaDB) queries take too long to complete if I don’t filter by month.

Thank you for taking into consideration!

Hi @laurent ,

Did this functionality is supported in latest dremio versions?