Relationships Between VDS

Hello everyone,

We are trying to provide our client a self-service solution using dremio but we are struggling to create relationships between different VDS if someone can help me out that would be perfect!

Thank you in advance!


Dremio VDS’s are very similar to Database views, you can join VDS’s, refer a VDS inside another VDS’s, do other SQL operators like UNION

What do you exactly mean by “create relationships between different VDS”?

Like lets say I have an entity called “Account” which is divided into two VDS one contains demographics and other contains factual data which is part of our self-service solution i.e. end user will just have to connect a BI tool with dremio. Now we want these two VDS to be linked through a column named “account_id” so that both VDS provide correct data i.e. if name is selected from one VDS and balance is selected from other VDS then correct information should be displayed against both column just like how it is in Oracle Discoverer.

@shahmir.khan You can create a VDS that is the join of these 2 VDS’s (account and demographics) either via SQL or the UI on column “account_id”, you an include the list of columns you want to select and then query the VDS having the join from BI

For example query for the join will be

select account."name", demographics.balance
from account a join demographics d on a.account_id = d.account_id