Removing Datasource takes time

Manually removing datasource from webui takes time and I have to wait for the ui with refreshed list.

Is removing datasource involves a call to the datasource?

Also, I’m in the page … but, do not have comprehensive list of API calls that I can make for adding/removing/filtering sources? Any help appreciated!

We have a tutorial for the REST API in progress, but the link you have is the best resource presently.

Typically removing a source is instantaneous. Which source type is this, and how many do you have connected?


To remove a source you should be able to 1) list all sources using the GET /api/v3/source endpoint 2) get the id for the source you are interested in 3) then call DELETE /api/v3/source/{id}.

To add a source use the POST /api/v3/source endpoint. Make sure to check the models for different source object types here.

You can find all available endpoints for managing sources here.

As Kelly pointed out, removing a source should be instantaneous and should not make a call to the datasource. There might be something else going on causing this problem.

@can @kelly
Thanks both for quick pointers. Perhaps, yes something was going on at that time.
I’ll test the restful datasource manipulations and will update.

I am amazed by the level of quick support I am receiving… eventually, want to go for enterprise…but, testing out the community edition …

my 100+ for documentation on rest apis and a dedicated page for each configuration settings … the more I love, more the ask :slight_smile: