Renaming virtual dataset causes reflection pipeline error

To reproduce:

  1. Create and name a virtual dataset (I created mine from a MySQL table)
  2. Using the advanced reflections menu add a raw reflection to the dataset and wait for the reflection to be generated.
  3. Rename the dataset.
  4. Using the reflections menu make a trivial change to the reflection (e.g. remove a column from “Display”) so that it is regenerated and press save.
  5. Reopen the reflections dialogue and you should see the message “There was an error in the Reflection pipeline.” at the top of the dialogue box.

It is possible that renaming also prevents the existing reflection from being used to accelerate queries though I haven’t investigated that in detail.


Your are right that there is an issue with reflection when you rename the dataset. We are working on fixing this issue. Thanks for reporting this with steps to reproduce.