RHEL, run as dremio?

This is regarding to installing and running dremio in RHEL.
When starting up, was hit by error message “KVStore has an older version than the server, please run the upgrade tool…”

tried to run /dremio-admin upgrade, however another error message, “Process user doesn’t match local catalog…Please run process as dremio”.

May i know how do i run as dremio ?

Hi @tk.l, indeed, the upgrade must be done by the same system user running the server.
If it’s ‘dremio’, then you can do :

su - dremio
run the upgrade command

thanks fetanchaud, do you know the default password for ‘dremio’?
nvm, i found the way to run the upgrade command:

sudo -u dremio ./bin/dremio-admin upgrade

It depends on the one set upon dremio user creation…
I would guess ‘dremio’ ?
You should ask to the tech guy who installed dremio.

@tk.l, @fetanchaud is right, the SA who installed Dremio on RHEL would have set a password, but if you have sudo that should help