Running dremio on AWS emr

Has anyone ran dremio on Aws emr?

I guess a followup to this, would you recommend trying to install on AWS EMR or setup using EC2s

Do you use EMR for other purposes - like running some other Hadoop based applications and you want to try Dremio along or you just want to try Dremio and don’t have preference?
If it is the latter I would recommend to start with EC2.
If it is the former you may need to install Dremio rpm/tar based on which EMR you are running (Amazon or MapR)

ok, thanks for the reply!

I am trying to configure Dremio on EMR and the AMI version that I use missing systemd/systemctl etc. I see other services setup in init.d, should I create a unit file there ? or any alternatives?

you can check my reply on your other post: Dremio on AWS EMR

Thanks @laurent! I saw it and have posted a follow-up question. Appreciate your inputs.

I also would like to know if someone has installed dremio on aws emr.