S3 support VPC Endpoint/Private Link


We are using S3 and are getting access denied messages in the Dremio logs. The bucket policy looks to be as per the documentation and using the AWS CLI on the same server as Dremio with the same access keys we are able to LIST/GET/PUT. Dremio only lists the buckets in the AWS account and when we click through to list the files we then get access denied.

One thing we were wondering about was that we have setup an AWS VPC Endpoint (Private Link) to S3 so that access from within our VPC to S3 does not go via the internet. Is this something that anyone has got working with Dremio before? Other specifics are that the bucket has versioning enabled and is encrypted using KMS.

Any help much appreciated.

Are you using the full bucket URL? Have you tried with just the bucket name?