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Dear Team/Users,

Greetings! Newbie exploring options with Dremio and understanding to see how we could use it in our project to replace the existing ETL tool and datwarehouse.

Planned to start with community version for now, in which I have questions as below:

  1. Deploying Dremio on AWS using cloud formation - I could see Dremio provides various options for data security in enterprise edition.
    What are the limited security options does Dremio provides for community edition?
    Example, If I wanted to share virtual datasets to any external application with restricted access - is that possible with community edition?

  2. I think, I couldn’t see any transparent cost for enterprise edition in the tutorials/docs. Is it pay per use model? Kindly share the link which could explain more on the licensing and operating cost of Dremio with enterprise edition.

  3. What could actually differentiate Dremio in terms of datawarehousing - say in comparison with snowflake dwh. Do we see Dremio as an replacement of any datawarehousing systems?

  4. How do we build CI CD pipeline in Dremio - any scope for this?


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Similar concerns - hoping someone from Dremio can shed some light here too. I have hear feedback from teams that does actual deployment of Dremio that for a normal BI/Reporting usage, huge instances are required and costs a lot.

@whow Do you need license costs on AWS?= for Enterprise edition?

@balaji.ramaswamy - Yes! But more importantly, if you could provide some ballpark and line item costing of the AWS infrastructure required, will be very helpful too. I copied and modified this scenario from Snowflake if if it helps to provide Dremio’s estimate:

  • Stores an average of 20 TB’s of data (S3 and Redshift)
  • Runs a batch loading task every night from 3am to 8am daily
  • Enables eight users to perform ad-hoc queries 5 days a week from 8am until 6pm

@whow I have reached out to the right folks and requested someone from their team reach out to you and explain