Select query showing 2000 records only in mssql even there is no Null values

Hi There, I am connected Mssql source with my Dremio , I am able to connect successfully, But while doing the Sql query , Am not getting all the data which is exist in my database table. either dremio will show Top or limit 2000.May i know how to get all the data in dremio.

Dremio_Count MSSQL_Count Mssql_Distinct_Values
for your reference i attached in my Database screen shot of it.

Hi @Richard-biz

Are you running preview or Run? Preview we do a Top or limit. Also even when you do run we truncate after a certain number (quite big). To get complete results use JDBC


Thanks @balaji.ramaswamy It showing All Record Right now after Running in RUN Option.