Sending delagationId in ArrowFlight Python

Hi, currently we are using user impersonation in our Node JS ODBC implementation. Where the connection string is appended with a delagationId to restrict data access and we pass a Username and PAT. Similar to How To Use Inbound Impersonation | Dremio

I was wondering how we can pass the delagation ID during an arrowFlight implementation, I can’t find it in documentation and the example on arrow-flight-client-examples/ at main · dremio-hub/arrow-flight-client-examples · GitHub
Doesn’t cover this.


@BrianGeoghegan I have asked this to the right team, will get back to you shortly and inbound impersonation is an enterprise edition only feature.

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy was wondering if there was any progress on the response here? Thanks

@BrianGeoghegan Sorry about the delay, at this point, this is a feature request and in the PM backlog, unfortunately it is currently not prioritized