Updating ODBC to ArrowFlight driver

Trying to update our current dremio driver to the new one using ODBC on a NodeJS server Linux Debian .

Driver={…/…/opt/arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver/lib64/libdrillodbc_sb64.so};ConnectionType=Direct;HOST=’ + result.data.data.host + ‘;PORT=’ + result.data.data.port + ‘;AuthenticationType=Plain;UID=’ + result.data.data.user + ‘;PWD=’ + result.data.data.password

This was the old connection string and was working tried updating to look at different driver file and it is crashing as soon as it tries connecting noticed that ConnectionType and AuthenticationType are not in the new odbc.ini so I removed, but still not working.

Hello Heesuk,

Could you please provide screenshot and error details ?

Also what is the exact Dremio Version and Arrow Flight version you are using ?

Thanks and Kind Regards,