Set Default Timezone in Dremio Software

I have many Delta Tables that are used for other aplications (Power BI and other) and the default TimeZone is UTC-0. I Can’t use CONVERT_TIMEZONE because I’ll need make many queries in all lakehouse. How I can set the default timezone to UTC for all Dremio?

@Ferrarini Dremio is timezoneless which means displays data in the timezone the data is at source. So your source data is not on UTC and you need to default to UTC?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy , My default UTC is ‘America/Sao_Paulo’, I have many query that get data from my Lakehouse using Dremio. My storage system is the Minio and table formats Delta Lake. I write the data in Minio using Spark 3.5 and Delta 2.4. When I read the data using Spark, all values timestamp are correctly using my local timezone, but when I query the same data using Dremio, all column have a wrong timezone.

@Ferrarini That behavior is expected, as I had mentioned Dremio is Timezoneless while Spark might be converting to local timezone. This is the reason we brought the function to convert to any TZ

@balaji.ramaswamy Ok, but… How I can do to use my current timezone in Dremio without to change my queries? I have many table that I get the data with "select * ", I don’t want to have that write “convert_timezone()” at all queries. This will go make me rewrite all queries, column name by column name, just because I need to use “convert_timezone”. I’ts possible to set one property at conection or some?

@Ferrarini Unfortunately that is not there, can you create a semantic layer in Dremio, make the conversion on a VDS and query the VDS?

@balaji.ramaswamy yes, I can make this. Thank you for help.