JDBC driver returns wrong timezone


we use Apache NiFi to retrieve datasets from Dremio via the Dremio JDBC driver. Timestamps are retrieved in the wrong time zone. Our Dremio data is in UTC, but the JDBC driver interpretes it as “Europe/Berlin”. When displaying the data from NiFi, it shows 2 hours (when we have DST) or 1 hour (non-DST) less.

Our idea was, to provide a JDBC parameter in the Connection URL from NiFi. However, we cannot find any parameter to set the correct timezone. The assumption is, that if we provide UTC as an attribute, it will then not convert the timestamp as it is already in UTC. Probably this has something to do with our server - where NiFi and the driver are located - being in “Europe/Berlin” time.

Using SQL statements such as CONVERT_TIMEZONE() are not an option for us, as it would require to convert hundreds of fields over dozens of different data sources.

Does anybody have an idea if there is a driver attribute available to configure the timezone? Or maybe someone has another idea?

Thanks in advance

System config:
Dremio - Version 22.1.4 (Build 22.1.4-202210141801380875-887b792a)
Dremio JDBC Driver - Version 17
NiFi - Version 1.16.3 (Tagged nifi-1.16.3-RC1)