Shut down Dremio Azure AKS

Hey guys,
we are using Dremio with ARM deployment at the moment but we want use the Azure AKS deployment in the future.
We are still testing Dremio out and want to shut down the cluster when we dont use it to save money, here is my question:

With the arm deployment we can shut down the cluster like this:

but how can we shut it down with the AKS deploment? All i can find is to scale all of the Dremio pods down to zero. Is this the only way? Or is there a way to shut down the Kubernetes Service in Azure?

@MuffiSan Any downsides with scaling to zero?

You can stop and start a kubernetes services on azure.

with the portal you have buttons “stop” and “start”

with az-cli you can launch this command :
az aks stop --resource-group “yourclusterresourcegroup” --name “yourclustername”

az aks start --resource-group “yourclusterresourcegroup” --name “yourclustername”