Single server / Windows vs production use

Hello Dremio Team

First of all congrats for your product, the few features I have tested so far are amazing !

I have a question related to the environments used to install Dremio : your documentation states that single server or Windows OS should not be used for production usage. I happen to have access to a powerful workstation (Windows 7, 40 cores, 256 GB RAM), much more easily than a cluster of servers running Linux machines. I’m just wondering what type of issues I could encounter should I use this PC for production usage. Could you please elaborate a bit on your recommendation ?

Hi @romain,

System specs& performance generally depend on the amount of data that you’d like to manage with Dremio, however you can find some additional requirements here as well:

If you use a single instance node for Dremio server, then you can use the default settings where both coordinator& executor node(s) are located on the same server.

Also pay close attention to dremio.conf and dremio-env configuration files which are located in /conf directory and set respective JVM properties appropriately:


Dremio Windows installer supports Windows 7 and Windows 10, so your OS is supported and you can proceed and install Dremio on your windows workstation.

The recommended OS however would be Linux, 1-2 (+1 for the high availability- HA coordinator node) coordinator nodes and several executor nodes, depending on your available resources. Minumum requirements are also described on the 1st link I’ve attached for you.


Thanks for your answer Danny

I’ll get started with my W10 machine and try to set-up an install on Linux in parallel.


You’re welcome @romain,

Let us know if everything went well with the setup.