SQL Server Linked Server

I’m trying to add Dremio as a linked server in MS SQL Server Express 2017, but hitting a snag. I’ve added the Linked Server to Dremio using ODBC just fine, and can run OPENQUERY to pull dates and numeric fields, but whenever I query for a text field I get the following issue:

The OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “DREMIO” supplied inconsistent metadata for a column. The column “Category” (compile-time ordinal 1) of object “SELECT “Category” FROM “Sample Data”.“SF Crime Data” limit 100” was reported to have a “DBCOLUMNFLAGS_ISLONG” of 128 at compile time and 0 at run time.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a workaround?


Hi @Takashi.Binns

This is a known issue we are tracking internally.
Unfortunately we still do not have an ETA for a fix.

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the quick update! Do you know if I’ll run into a similar issue if I tried using an Oracle database link?

@Takashi.Binns - I do not see similar known issues with respect to Oracle dblink, though it might have just not been reported so if you do find an issue please do let us know.

Out of curiosity - I’m assuming your use case is to join SQL Server/Oracle tables with other Dremio’s datasets. Have you considered mapping these databases into Dremio and applying the joins there (via UI/ODBC/JDBC/REST API)? The latter would also leverage Dremio’s optimizations and acceleration.
Unless you’re looking at other use cases which require specific MSSQL/Oracle functionality against Dremio’s datasets?

Any updates with this error? I’m still getting them.

Hi @Dgutierrez

Are you getting an error from SQL server linked server or Oracle DB link