"Stuck" jobs in jobs list

Some time ago we noticed that there are a few “stuck” jobs in our jobs list. (see image below)
At the time of noticing this issue we were running version 20.0.0-202201050826310141-8cc7162b now we are on version 20.1.0-202202061055110045-36733c65 and we still see this issue.

The failed jobs open up just as expected, after these “stuck” jobs have appeared we have tried running: dremio-admin clean --delete-orphans --max-job-days 7 --reindex-data --delete-orphan-profiles --compact without success.

Does anyone know how we can get rid of these jobs from our job list?

We are back a few versions from you, but when we found stuck jobs in our logs like the ones you describe, we had to stop and restart the Dremio service.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help :frowning:

@GoldenGoose When you say stuck jobs, are you referring to job in enqueued state?

Look at image above, I have excluded “Failed” from the dropdown, but they still show in the list.


Try this

  • Backup Dremio
  • Shutdown Dremio
  • On the coordinator cd bin
  • ./dremio-admin clean -i
  • Restart Dremio

Do you still see the issue?

@balaji.ramaswamy I’ve already tried dremio-admin clean --delete-orphans --max-job-days 7 --reindex-data --delete-orphan-profiles --compact (on master) without success :frowning_face: