Timeout setting for overrun query in dremio

current version : ver.19 community
Would there be running query timeout variable to set in dremio?
if impossible, for workaround , will there be some system log to trace the overrun query? thanks


The “Query Runtime Limit” is implemented in the Workload Manager (available in Enterprise Edition): Workload Management | Dremio Documentation
That would return an error like: “Query cancelled by Workload Manager. Query runtime limit of…”.

Community Edition only has the Queue Control options available: Queue Control | Dremio Documentation

You can sort the jobs, in the Jobs UI page, based on the Duration it took them to complete, if you want to find the jobs that ran the longest. On the same page you can also filter the Status for the Running jobs, to find out the ones that are still running. If you want to script something yourself to find the longest running queries, you can parse the queries.json files (which contain the start and finish time for all the jobs that ran).

Thanks, Bogdan

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