Running Query response timeout error from Dremio to Superset

Hi Dremio Admin,

Currently we use superset analytics to connect to dremio ver19x for dashboard visualization , however for some heavy query request by some charts that may run more than 5 mins in Dremio , superset will have timeout error even though dremio still in running status, do you have idea on the root cause?

  1. was this related to flight.client.readiness.timeout.millis

many thx for help!!

waiting for reply thx

Hi Jenny,

Did the Superset timeout make it to Dremio, via ODBC? Do you see that in the ODBC logs? If it did, then you can check the Dremio logs to see if the fragments are being cancelled for that job id. It may take a while if it’s a high cost query that cause high workload for the executors.

Thanks, Bogdan