Truncation in UI

When using UI, sometimes Dremio truncates results. We knew UI limited download to 1M rows but it appears that truncation can happen with lower number of rows …
The most annoying point is that truncation information only appears in job detail screen and not in main screen just after the run of the query …
There are 2 questions ?

  • When Dremio chooses to trunc results in UI ?
  • Is there any plan to inform user in UI in a better way ? (not by going to job detail to see if the result was truncated or not …)
    Note : we are running r17.1.

@Arnie Truncation can happen before. For example if the ARROW_WRITER phase has 10 threads then the truncation would happen at 100K per thread, due to skew say only 2 threads had 200K records each then those 2 threads will have truncate are 100K each and the query will stop, so output will only have 200K records in total

Thank you.
Any plan to modify the UI ? To improve UX - that is à pity to go in job detail tab everytime to see if result is truncated or not…