Trying to add dynamodb as data source in dremio

We are from Baker Hughes evaluating the option to use dynamodb with dremio.
we are referring to this link:

we downloaded the dremio code from repo:

and then floowed the steps did a mvn clean install and then compile dremio running fine.
then we put dremio-dynamodb-plugin-4.5.0-202006180205030236-1a5d28da.jar in jars folder of distrbution/server/jars
and Simba_DynamoDB_JDBC folder jars into jars/3rdparty along with Simba lic file.

restart the dremio app and login

go to external data sources add…no dynamodb option there.

Hi Rukmani!

I’ve updated the releases on my github. Try the latest release v12. Releases · dremio-brock/dremio-dynamodb-connector · GitHub. Let me know if this works.

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Hi b-rock,
I tried with v12 of dremio-dynamodb-connector.
still dynamo db not showing up in external datasources options.
I’m attaching the error screenshot which 'm encountring.dremio-withdynamodb-erroe

Can you post the error message. I can’t read the message from the picture.