Unable to connect to any of the sources "Failure creating/updating source []"

I installed Dremio on AWS. Created a project and trying to access the below 3 sources

AWS S3 - Public bucket
MYSQL - Installed on local PC
MSSQL - Installed on local PC

For all the 3, I am getitng - Failure creating/updating source [XX].

I am little upset as there is not clear documentation or error message. Also feel the connectivity should have be much simplified.

Hi @imthad

In the coordinator server.log you should have detailed ERROR about the connectivity issue. See if you can paste the error here to look what is happening while accessig the sources.

How do I connect Amazon AWS to talk to my DB on local PC

@imthad, at the very least, you would have to make your local machine available at an IP address that’s reachable from the host where you have Dremio installed.

Hi Venui,

Is it possible to get a Demo.


Click on add new source and select “Sample Source”, this gives you some sample data sets that you can work on


I need to make a demo video to pitch to one of the client requirement.

the idea is to show how dremio can connect to multiple sources and can easily pull data.

I have been struggling to get this working.

I have installed Dremio on AWS. I have MYSQL and MSSQL running on my local PC.

Also do you have any documentation. I am lead consultant in WIPRO looking after Data Virtualisation. Would like to parter connect with your team to see how we can world together.

My official email id is Nazeer.imthad@wipro.com

Looking forward to hear from you.



Sure, I have forwarded your request to the right team