Unable to connect to snowflake


We are trying to connect to a snowflake datasource and followed the link GitHub - narendrans/dremio-snowflake: Snowflake Connector for Dremio using the ARP SDK., copied the jar files to jars, 3rd-party jars respectively. We are able to establish the connection and get the metadata but queries the datasets fails with below error

2022-04-07 07:45:03,550 [Fabric-RPC-Offload4] INFO c.d.exec.work.foreman.AttemptManager - 1db16980-5dcc-9e8d-5343-d431092c9
700: State change requested RUNNING → FAILED, Exception com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserRemoteException: VALIDATION ERROR
: Failure getting source [Snowflake].

Fragment 0:0

[Error Id: c53ea19b-2c8f-4d54-b626-01dffef58dd2 on host-1:0]

(java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException) java.lang.Exception: Unavailable
Suggested User Action: Unable to find handler for source of type [SNOWFLAKE].

Could you please help us fix the issue.


Able to fix the issue after restarting the cluster.