Snowflake Connector


is it still planned to extend dremio with a snowflake connector?


We are in the process of releasing both an SDK which makes it easy for Dremio users to create connectors to any database, and also a marketplace of community created connectors for download and installation. The framework is template based so it is relatively straightforward to define datatypes and functions supported by any source database.

Here’s an example of an RDBMS connector on GitHub as a reference:

For Snowflake, there is a community Snowflake connector developed here:

This will be listed in the marketplace when it is available (soon…)

Okay, thanks!

The community Snowflake connector does not wok for me. Therefore, I can either contribute to this repo or build an own version with the coming sdk, right?

Correct. The former is probably easier…
Feel free to use this forum to discuss the community connectors.

Hey Hank, I created that connector. What are you running into exactly? You can also create an issue in the github page with some info and I can take a look.

Hi Naren,
Thanks for getting back! I have already left a comment on your github page: I think that my problems (message “Error setting up remote fragment execution” and I do not get a result set back, only column names) are connected to the fact that I haven’t specified which warehouse and which user-role to use. How can I do that?

I have published a new release to address this. You can now specify those (and other) properties via the JDBC URL parameter. This should give you a lot of flexibility too.

For ex: jdbc:snowflake://<account name><warehouse>&role=<role>

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That is perfect! :sunglasses:

Thanks so much


Please go through this link: you can download and install.

If anyone wants to learn about a snowflake, feel free to ask me. I will guide.

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