Unable to create reflections in local docker setup

I am using local docker images which i downloaded from the dremio .I am at learning phase.
Dremio, minio and nessie are up and running. When i try to create a reflection i got error related to dist parameter in dremio.conf file. Then i changed the parameter in order to point my minio server. The below minio link is running. But when i restart dremio , this time when i click the jobs , it does not show the jobs but waits and reflection is not created.
Can you pls help.

#dist: “pdfs://”${paths.local}“/pdfs11111”
dist: “http:///”

Hi @tolgaevren,

dist: “http:///”

That doesn’t look like a valid Minio endpoint, because of “http”. Please follow this guide on how to configure dist storage for Minio and let us know if it helps: Configuring Distributed Storage | Dremio Documentation

Thanks, Bogdan

Thanks Bogdan ,
I am following thatv document here where i was stucked. this is from the doc:

paths: {
  dist: "dremioS3:///<bucket_name>/<folder1>/<folder2>"

ok,  my  minio  is  working on another docker  on my laptop ,  i can reach it  from my browser  by using  this address: localhost:9000.
what should i  write  in dist ?  this is  where  i could not find the answer  yet. 

Hi Tolga,

Can you attach a copy of the dremio.conf? dremioS3:/// is what you should use. If you make changes to dremio.conf, you have to restart Dremio for them to apply. Also, make sure you make the changes on all the nodes.

Also, double check the bucket actually exists on the Minio server.

You can also look in server.log during startup, to see if there are any errors reported in regards to it.

Thanks, Bogdan

Hi Bogdan,
I resolved the issue. After being sure that dremio23 must be the address ( as you said) , i made the necessary entries in core-site.xml and now it’s working
thanks for your help

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