Upgrade iceberg version 0.13.x?

Hello, I just upgrade iceberg version 0.13.x, but I don’t know Dremio has support for this?
I have an issue below.

@huynguyen i am not able to follow your question, do you have a dataset that is in iceberg format (0.13.x) that you are not able to promote via Dremio?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy .
Last time, when I use iceberg 0.12, I was able to promote via Dremio successfully. But when Upgrade to iceberg 0.13.x, I’m not able to promote via Dremio.
Ex below.

  1. With iceberg 0.12

  2. With iceberg 0.13. When I open the table, this error same as the image attached

ps: I use Glue catalog

@huynguyen Got it, let me check on this and get back to you

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy, any update on this case?

Hi, we’re using Iceberg 0.13.x (Hadoop catalog) with Dremio 19.1.0 successfully.

hi Shay,
have you tried with Glue catalog?

No I didn’t, we’re running on-prem.

any updates for this case?

@trungnduc I have pinged once again to check if 0.13 has any known issues, will update here once I hear back