User is not authenticated error using windows Arrow Flight SQL ODBC

Following is my setup. I run Dremio open source edition on a redhat VM.

Dremio Version: dremio 23.1
arrow flight sql odbc driver: arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver_0.9.1.194

I am trying to connect to dremio via my windows odbc sql driver but unable to do so.

I am getting the following error.
‘Flight returned authenticated error, with message: User is not authenticated’.

While going through dremio server.log file I found following.
‘User session is not available in session manager’.

I have disabled ‘use encryption’ tickbox on windows arrow flight odbc driver as well as i have set ‘flight.ssl.enabled’ to ‘false’ in dremio.conf file on linux.

For authentication I am using ‘basic authentication’ on windows and entering userid and password.
It will be of great help if some one can throw some light on the described issue.