Flight SQL Configuration for Dremio On-Premise (Software) Instance


I have a question related to the dremio.conf configuration file.

I see that in the template in docs there is:

flight: {
      enabled: true,
      port: 32010,
      # Authentication mode for the Arrow FlightServer endpoint.
      # There are two modes:
      #       - legacy.arrow.flight.auth
      #       - arrow.flight.auth2
      # legacy.arrow.flight.auth is backwards compatible and will be deprecated in the future.
      # arrow.flight.auth2 is the new and preferred Arrow Flight authentication method.
      auth.mode: "arrow.flight.auth2"

in my configuration I didn’t set up those properties. Even though, I am able to connect using Flight SQL client. So I believe there is a default value for the above properties. May I know what are the defaults?

Furthermore what is the difference between these two modes:

  • legacy.arrow.flight.auth
  • arrow.flight.auth2


This was implemented to support the two authentication methods that will be available in Arrow Flight Server GA

This is a DremioConfig option rather than a support key because the option needs to be configured on Dremio startup and it cannot be changed while Dremio is running.

  • The new auth method will be on by default.
  • The new DremioConfig option added:
    • services.flight.auth.mode
    • This option has two configuration:
      • legacy.arrow.flight.auth
      • arrow.flight.auth2
    • For Arrow Flight Server GA, the default value for services.flight.auth.mode will be arrow.flight.auth2.