Vertica Data Source

Will Vertica be one of the supported Data Source?

Yes, Vertica is on our roadmap.

It would be good to get any color from you on specific requirements for how you’d like to see Dremio integrate with Vertica.

Vertica is one of our data stores, others include Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Oracel, etc.
we are developing a self-service layer for users to retrieve and analyze data from various data stores.
i have successfully set up data source connections with Elasticsearch, Oracle, SQL server, etc. Since Vertica is one of our major data stores, wonder if you could shed some light about the timeline. when can we expect it to be available?

Thanks, that’s helpful!

I can’t commit to a specific timeline just now, but we can follow up with you when we have more solid information. I do know that’s a data source that will only be available with our Enterprise Edition, and if that’s of interest to you (enterprise security, more management features, enterprise data sources, etc), feel free to click “Contact Us” on the download page.

In my experience Vertica is loaded from a system of record. We’ve seen multiple users report better performance using Dremio as compared to Vertica. I of course understand that might not be an option for you.

Glad to hear that it is a good fit for all your other sources. Surprised not to see MongoDB in that list!

thank you for timely and helpful respond, i have requested contact for EE.