What's new in 2.0.5


What exactly is new in 2.0.5? I just saw the new version but it links to 2.0 release notes (mangled probably with 2.1). Tried to find a CHANGELOG on the 2.0.5 commit but could not find it.


2.0.5 primarily consists of a lot (60+) hotfixes since 2.0. We will look into adding a couple key highlights into our docs. @can

Cool. Hive “views” support, that’d make it stand-out (against Presto for example). Hopefully that comes in a future version.

I thought of looking at the dremio-oss repository but there’s a single push and no history of changes. It seems development happens inside Dremio and the “oss” version is pushed from time to time :slight_smile:

Other projects do the opposite (they develop the OSS and sync internally to the enterprise version).

Hive views are something we are currently considering in the future. FYI a temp workaround is to use the underlying SQL from the Hive view as a VDS in Dremio :slightly_smiling_face:

I figured the workaround some time ago, but never found the ROI to do that.

Yes, but we’re using Hive to manage how data looks on HDFS from many data-access tools (eg. Presto, eg. Hive itself, eg. Dremio). So having that representation in a single space helps not having to “augment” the provisioning pipelines to also create the VDS in Dremio.

Meh, Presto suffers the same ‘fate’ of not supporting views from Hive directly (I never tried to CREATE VIEW over a hive table from it tbh).

2.0.5 release diff https://github.com/dremio/dremio-oss/commit/0f16b3cef91ae1aeeef743499d8ac30ec9de06c0
may give some clues on those fixes

It would be better if all those fixes be separate commits but that’s not how Dremio currently publishes changes…

Also that commit references a release notes pages link that’s broken (404)


Thanks for the report, the correct link is “https://docs.dremio.com/release-notes/20-release-notes.html”, I’ll make sure to get it right next time

thanks @laurent - that link is for 2.0 release and not for 2.0.5
is this possible to get list of fixes in that minor 2.0.5 release?

For example, reading release commit diff it seems Dremio now fixed reading strings from tables created in Impala, but I it would be great to have a confirmation for that looking at Changelog or something like that …

Let me check and confirm back to you.