Is parameterized SQL not supported by Dremio?

With other mysql databases, something like this works:

import pyodbc
cnxn = pyodbc.connect('DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=testdb;UID=me;PWD=pass')

cursor = cnxn.cursor()

    select user_id, user_name
      from users
     where last_logon < ?
       and bill_overdue = ?
""", [, 1, 1), 'y'])

(This is straight out of the pyodbc docs)

But after extensive tinkering try to get the dremio odbc to work I keep on getting an error: pyodbc.ProgrammingError: ('The SQL contains 0 parameter markers, but 2 parameters were supplied', 'HY000')
I’ve tried every formatting specified in PEP249 with no luck. I’ve tried pandas and removed it with no luck.


Currently we do not support parameterized SQL


Is this a limitation specific to ODBC, or does this apply to JDBC also?


Currently we do not support parameterized SQL in JDBC also