Where to do Calculations (for faster loading times) - Dremio or PowerBI

Dear Dremio Community,

Issue: Currently long loading times in PowerBI report:
Target: I would like to know, where is the better place to execute calculations/measurements on?
In Dremio via Queries, or in PowerBI via Measurements?

Status Quo: We have parquet-files with machine data stored on the Azure Blob Container.
The parquet files are stored in a structured folder structure (YYYY/MM/DD → then the file).
Via Dremio query we agglomerate them to a master table.

Currently we still have roughly 20 measurements in PowerBI, to “transform” the data to our needs.
PowerBI is connected via Live mode to Dremio. The data is pulled / pre-selected by time-range selection in PowerBI report, based on YYYY/MM/DD.
Measurements look for example like, dividing column 5 by column 6, based on a filter “if column 7 = xyz”. Something like that is the complexity of our measurements.

What can we do to enhance speed? Switch measurements from PowerBI to Dremio? Or something else?

Thanks for your feedback!

@Fbnt You would have to create aggregate reflection on the VDS (that has all the joins) and the Power BI dash board use these agg reflections, so the Aggs and joins do not happen in run time