Dremio and Features on Cube Dataset

Hi all,

Thanks for very interesting product.

I have a question about Dremio features.
Firstly, I would like to tell my use case. We receive GA4 data with cubes over Power BI, but we have a lot of performance problems. When we want to refresh the data, we need to import all of them again and then publish them, and it takes so long time period.

  1. Can Dremio receive these cube datasets, or Do we have to convert them raw data?
  2. Do we have to import all the data from GA4 into Dremio or can we just improve the performance at query time with Dremio and access it from Power BI?
  3. Can we connect to any dataset with API that does not have a direct connection option in Dremio Data Connector ? I checked the Dremio course, but I couldn’t see the API Connection section.
  4. If we connect with API, is there any timeout limit?

Thank you in advance!

@kumartekan Where is the source data? example HDFS, S3 etc. What is the file format CSV or PARQUET etc.?

Hi @balaji.ramaswamy ,

Source data is adobe analytics. We use the file format as cube in PBI, but how does Dremio get this data? That’s another question.

@kumartekan Architecturally, you might use Dremio underneath a BI tool that builds OLAP cubes or you might replace OLAP cubes with Dremio reflections. I haven’t heard of a use case for putting Dremio on top of OLAP cubes. The OLAP cube would have to expose a SQL interface and you could build a custom ARP connector but I don’t think this is the right direction.