Windows Server Dremio Command line to start dremio manually

We’re trying out Dremio on Windows 2012 Server that gets restarted due to weekly schedule. Is there a way to start Dremio automatically on reboot? I was thinking to write powershell or .bat file to run underlying command but I am unable to find actual command.
Other scenario is if Dremio portal is down for some reason, then also we can use same command to restart Dremio,

Can you advise how to achieve it please?

We build for Windows and macOS for testing and evaluation purposes. It is not supported for production deployments at this time.

Hi Kelly,
I’m aware of that, we’re still evaluating on our test environment, so it’s not in production. The issue about starting Dremio using command, right now we’ve to start it manually using GUI which is part of Dremio setup.

@ssjsk you ever figure out how to run on reboot or as a service?

You may want to check this article which explains how to create a Windows service manually that you can configure to start automatically on reboot:

hi, sorry for late reply, I didn’t manage to get it working unfortunately. We’re restarting it manually in case it goes down.

hi, that’s not the issue, my issue is how to start Dremio in Windows environment using some command, right now we’re required to start/stop it using GUI