Accessing dremio from Excel Powerpivot


Trying to read some data from Dremio into Excel Powerpivot.

Server=XX.XX.XX.XX;Port=31010;Provider=MSDASQL.1;User ID=XX;DSN=Dremio Connector; PWD=XX;AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=Basic Authentication;CONNECTIONTYPE=Direct;HOST=XX

I’m able to create a successful test connection. And I can even list the different tables. But I can’t execute any queries (syntax error) and even selecting an entire table does not work (“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”)

I’m able to import tables into Tableau without issues.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi - just pushing this to the top.

@cklar Dremio is designed to query excel data in Dremio not the other way round

The usage of Excel Powerpivot as a client of Dremio is referenced on your website.

I’m just running into the mentioned errors in my first post.

@cklar Dremio has released a new ODBC driver and Power Pivot is supported. It is available here:

The syntax error usually is related to not setting the Quoting property to BRACKET. By default the Dremio driver treats double-quotes as the quoting character but Power Pivot uses square brackets. Please configure your Dremio DSN to add Quoting=BRACKET to the Advanced Properties.

Note that in the updated driver, encryption is enabled by default and can be toggled in the Advanced Properties tab.