Accessing non default Project from Supserset


We have connected Apache Superset to Dremio using the Dremio SQLAlchemy connector. However, we have two Sonar Projects but I can only see objects that exist in the default Sonar project.

Is it possible to send the Project ID in the connection string to specify which project to connect to.

If it is not possible, are there any other drivers that we can use.



Hi Paul,
As we are already discussing this issue on Dremio Cloud chat. Also adding the shared suggestions below for record purposes:

I would like to check with you which connector are you using for the connection.
As from your Docs, Arrow Flight clients can run queries only against datasets that are in the default project or on datasources that are associated with the default project. By default, Dremio Cloud uses the oldest project in an organization as that organization's default project.

Organization administrators can specify which project to use as the default project. See “Setting the Default Project” in Managing Projects.

Although Superset with DremioCloud isn’t documented. If you are Not using Arrow Flight (that only work against Default Project). So if you are specifying connection String, you might try using the additional Properties for Project ID as below (Hex reference connection):
Hex | Dremio Documentation;ssl=true;

a. (Optional) Add ;PROJECT_ID={project-id} to the JDBC connection string and in the **Project ID** field, paste the ID of the project that you want to connect to. If the project ID isn't specified, then the [default project]( will be used.