Superset to Dremio connectivity


We have hosted Dremio and Superset on an AKS Cluster in Azure and we are trying to connect Superset to the Dremio Database(Lakehouse) for fetching some dashboards. We have installed all the required drivers(arrowflight, sqlalchemy_dremio and unixodc/dev) to establish the connection.

Strangely we are able not able to connect to Dremio from the Superset UI using the connection strings:

Here’s the error:

_(builtins.NoneType) None\n(Background on this error at:", "error_type": "GENERIC_DB_ENGINE_ERROR", "level": "error", "extra": {"engine_name": "Dremio", "issue_codes": [{"code": 1002, "message": "Issue 1002 - The database returned an unexpected error."}]}}]_

However, while trying from inside the Superset pod, using this python script here, the connection goes through without any issues.

PS - One point to note is that, we have not enabled SSL certificates for our hostnames.

@lenoyjacob @balaji.ramaswamy - Hi Experts, Any suggestions here would be of much help.

@ramprasd89 Did you see the below already?

Also this Database error 1002 that is retuned seems very generic, can you check with Superset on how to get additional logging on this?