Finding a lost admin user

It seems like there is no enforcement on the admin user existance.
Now, if by mistake, another user was put as admin and forgotten, there seem to be no way to reconstruct the users,
or do anything, even reinstalling will not help.
I failed to find anything in the documentation which will allow to reset both (user & password) for admin,
or do anything in that case.
I cannot even find where the user-name used as admin is being kept, even if I have root/administrator permissions on the server.

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Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. We are open to the feedback.
Are you using community edition? If yes - I believe all the users have admin privileges. So you could just create yet another user and it would be an admin, unless now you can’t even login with any user (you forgot all the users you created).
If it is enterprise edition you could use LDAP to not deal with users internal and known only to Dremio.
Regarding reinstall not helping. All the essential data is kept in Dremio internal key/value store that probably stored independently from your install directory (most likely in /var/lib/dremio) and as it is not getting deleted you still get everything as it was before you reinstalled software.

I cannot even login with any user, and I don’t know where to even see the names

Hi Rani,

Here is what you need to do,

On your terminal,

cd ~/Library/Dremio/data/pdfs/uploads/_uploads (pdfs could be hdfs)
ls -ltrh (Should show list of usernames)

To reset password,

Shutdown Dremio
Then logon to your terminal,

cd /<Dremio-install-dir>/Contents/Java/dremio/bin

Use the dremio-admin tool and reset the password using the steps outlined in the below URL

Kindly let me know if you have any other questions,

I am running into the same issue.

New to Dremio. Running on a Win7 Laptop the Community version. I had 1.1.0? and got everything setup only to have an issue connecting to ElasticSearch. So in waiting for Version 1.2.1 which I just downloaded…Uninstalled old version and reinstalled 1.2.1 I can no longer login…because I can not remember logins and or pwds.

At this point I don’t care to keep any data, I can totally wipe Dremio off the computer if needed (which I have Uninstalled…deleted Program Files/Dremio folder, restarted computer and reinstalled 1.2.1) and do NOT get the initial setup screen.

Please help.


Hey @woundvision, on Windows, Dremio stores metadata and data on C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Dremio. Removing this folder and its contents should give you a clean install.


@can Thanks so much. That Worked!

I installed through Tar file

I tried

/opt/dremio/data/pdfs/uploads/_uploads # ls -ltrh
total 0

Where can i find the admin user name. Is there a way I can reset using my email id I provided

Did you try:

Yes I did.
Though I saw

2018-08-13 02:04:39,848 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - Starting LocalKVStoreProvider
2018-08-13 02:04:41,567 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - LocalKVStoreProvider is up
2018-08-13 02:04:41,943 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - Stopping LocalKVStoreProvider
2018-08-13 02:04:42,052 [main] INFO c.d.datastore.LocalKVStoreProvider - Stopped LocalKVStoreProvider
Password changed

However, I am getting authentication failed while logon to admin consolre

Hi @rajabhupati

Are you still having an issue?


Hi yes,

I am still not able to login. After it said password changed