Adding spaces / schema name back into Dremio UI after 3.1

Is there any way in the configuration file to add the schema name back into the Dremio Web UI?

Right now if I click on something like NYSE.prices my sql in the web ui shows up as:

“select * from prices” instead of “select from NYSE.prices”

This can be pretty unclear when I’ve got pricing from other exchanges like NASDAQ, etc…

It is also not possible to just cut and paste the SQL into a JDBC compliant BI tool or Python program without manually adding NYSE or NASDAQ to the SQL.

This behavior is new as of Dremio 3.1

Hi @david.lee

This change was intentional as we are making steps for a better preview experience and this change really helped. One thing you can do is use the copy icon to grab the full name. See attached image. Just below the Narwhal and to the right of “DEPARTMENTS”

This is also nice while you’re in the query but a terrible dev UX when you want to copy the query out and run it in a new query because you lose the context. Because the query then won’t run.

I try to use only the Dremio Web UI to build queries in preview mode. Running a full query quickly chews up memory since every result set is using REST and keeping unused datasets around in memory for 30 minutes is not ideal. Using a BI tool to run the final SQL is more efficient when data is streamed.