Dremio Connector - Windows - Fetch data in Excel

I’m trying to use Dremio Connector on Windows and fetch data in Excel. I’m able to get data as long as dataset is not tied to any space, generated query is like
SELECT * FROM “@myloggedinuser”.dataset_name

I created few Spaces and added datasets to it, fetching these datasets works in Dremio Browser interface but its failing when I fetch these in Excel throwing error as shown here

Does anyone know how to get data from Views stored in Spaces? The query generated is
SELECT * FROM “DREMIO”.“SPACE_NAME”.“VIEW_NAME” , which is not clear to me, I tried to change it in different combinations e.g. remove “DREMIO”. part, add “my_user_name”. but none worked.

Thank you.

It looks like your dataset contains some complex type (namely an union of two or more types) which is currently not supported by the ODBC driver (the error message is not explicit, and I will make a note to improve it).

If possible, you should try to create a view to remove the complex types, in order for the query to succeed.