All classes under org.apache.twill.api were not found when the test was started

  • But these classes are all here

Hey there–

Would you be able to describe the problem in a bit more detail? What are you trying to run in intelliJ that is leading to some error about this api? What edition and version are you running (community v24.0.0 would be an example)?

I’ll be happy to try and help.


Hi ! I am running version 17.0.0 release on my computer.I want to test how the jobprofile was deleted because I had a profile stack problem on my server. But when I run com. Dremio. Service. Jobs. TestJobService# testJobProfileCleanup this test method, always run up problem.



Unless there is a reason you can’t upgrade, I would suggest moving to a newer version. I can’t really test that far back on my machine without breaking my current versions’ builds.

I wasn’t able to find any issues tied to this test case previously so it seems like your build/intellij is just in a funky state.

I wish I could help more.


Thanks for your reply.For some reasons, I have to use version 17.0.0. I have another question to ask : If I execute a lot of queries, and cause a great many of Job Profile store in my ssd.How can I delete them? The thing I know is that Dremio use internal RocksDB store them,I noticed that there is a switch in Dremio (com.dremio.exec.ExecConstants#JOB_MAX_AGE_IN_DAYS). But I dont know if this switch can be useful, the default param is 30. Moreover, can I run some command through command line to clear these profile.

Thanks !

I don’t know how far back in versions this goes, but one recommended method for cleaning be to use the dremio-admin command.

As an example, you could run dremio-admin clean --max-job-days=7


Oh thanks! You’ve helped me a lot.I did what you said and It works.But I noticed that the clean command only can be used in offline.I wonder If there is a way to execute in the background without interrupting Dremio server.I found that If I execute the clean command via command line,The inner-class in Clean,OfflineProfileCleanup will be called.The interface ProfileCleanup own another implement called OnlineProfileCleanup, When will it be called ?I’ve set this constant for one day and want to see if the cleanup will work as I imagined, But it doesn’t seem to be automatic. Do you have any good suggestions ?Thanks again.