Alternative solution to Apache ranger or keycloack for dremio with iceberg

I’m trying to build an architecture data lakehouse, Please can you provide me an alternative solution for Apache Ranger which is in Cloudera, Because I found that Dremio with Apache Iceberg doesn’t support Apache Ranger and also keycloak.

@Hamzabouazza Ranger is something that works with HDFS, Dremio does support ranger authentication and have many use cases in Parquet and the file format should not matter. What is the error you are facing?

I am not utilizing HDFS as a file storage solution. instead, I have opted for Minio S3 as an object storage. I don’t know if there is a way to use Ranger authentification with dremio and Minio S3 storage. And as a table format I have Apache iceberg .

Thank you for your time,

@Hamzabouazza Ranger is built for Hadoop and if you are on S3 then it should be EMR.

Thank you for your response; I appreciate it. If I understood correctly, there is no way to use Apache Ranger with S3. So, my question is, what is the alternative solution for Apache Ranger to ensure the security of my data lakehouse stack, which includes Minio S3, Dremio, Apache Iceberg, and Nessie? I am trying to build the solution on-premises.
EMR for cloud.

@Hamzabouazza Ranger is not a security product provided by dremio. If you want to set permission for users/group and buckets, that needs to be done via AWS IAM policies and S3 bucket policies

Thank you again for your response, but in my case I’m using Minio S3 whose on-premises and Minio policies are not directly compatible with AWS IAM policies or S3 bucket policies(AWS always on the cloud).
the reason why I asked you for Apache Ranger is because so powerful in the Cloudera platform.
I appreciate your help.

@Hamzabouazza You have to talk that with MinIO support. I assume MinIO will have a solution as it falls under “S3 compatible storage”

Oki, Thank you so much !!