Iceberg Tables: DML Operations NOT supported for HDFS/Hive

Hi, just a general question around Dremio and Iceberg support. I am getting an error telling me that “DML operations are NOT supported” for Iceberg tables using HDFS or Hive as the data source. Is this true? Are there plans to support this in the future? Or am I just doing something wrong/am missing a configuration somewhere?

I’m using Dremio v19.0 Community Edition.


Can you run any simple job on your Dremio cluster and send us the job profile?

Sure thing @balaji.ramaswamy . (5.7 KB)

Hi @gclarkjr5 Currently this is not supported

Thanks for the reply @balaji.ramaswamy . So if I understand correctly,

  • ONLY “select” queries will be allowed on Iceberg tables with an HDFS/Hive source?

  • Do any other sources like S3 or ADLS support DML operations with the Iceberg format?

  • If not, is there a rough expectation for when this may be available?

  • Is this feature available in the Enterprise Edition?


@gclarkjr5 Sorry for the delay in response,

  • Other than queries, you can do CTAS
  • No
  • This is in the roadmap, let me find out and get back to you

No worries @balaji.ramaswamy . Thanks! I’ll be on the lookout for future releases, but if there is a rough ETA that would be nice.