Apache Ranger on CDP 7.1.7 supported?

Hello, Please let me know that dremio 19.0 Enterprise support Ranger on cdp 7.1.7 or not? I am testing and can not using audit feature on ranger with dremio. Thanks

@nghiabq Where are your audit logs getting written?

Hello @balaji.ramaswamy,
I am not sure to understand your question clearly. In ranger, there is a window for viewing audit logs. Access policies are working fine with dremio, hive application, except audit log on dremio. This guide on
Integrating Dremio with Apache Ranger - Dremio is about ranger 0.7 or 1.1. My ranger is 2x version.

@nghiabq Couple of things

  • We cannot see audit logs in Dremio UI
  • I think you are talking about not seeing Dremio events in the Ranger audit logs, for this if the Ranger audit logs are not written to HDFS but to Solr Cloud then that is not supported


Thanks for your support